Thursday, January 14, 2016

BuJo update

I'm 2 weeks into using my bullet journal and although I haven't been using it religiously, I have been generally keeping it updated and referring back to it. More so than any previous diary/calendar/planner I have tried. There are lots of things I like about it. And some I would like to change. Luckily the beauty of the bullet journal means I can change it!To some extent.

Here's a quick update.

My contents page is being updated with lists & details as they are entered. 

This is one of the things I'm not so keen on. Because the notebook is used in a linear way things aren't grouped, so not all of January's journal days are together. If I fill a page and want to add more - for example, blogs to read - I need to use a separate page later on in the notebook which can lead to duplicating info. It can also be hard to quickly find stuff - and this is only 2 weeks on.... What will it be like when the notebook is full?

I've had to re-write my 100 actions as some were too much to do in 15 minutes and not focused on my actual goal. Instead of ripping out the page I've just paper clipped another list on top. 

I like the month to view pages, but really want to have February's ready to add dates to rather than having another diary to update.

I added a 'week to view' page layout for the first week, where I can add a bit of planning detail for the week ahead. my issue then is that I am duplicating information again in the daily journal pages. Which are starting to get a bit messy.... :-/

For the second week I created a '2 days per page' layout for the week ahead, with space for planning, and to add my daily journal notes. When I remembered to! This has worked a lot better for me, but doesn't really take into account the flexibility intended for the bullet journal.

I want to have everything in one place and I do love the idea of the bullet journal, but I am beginning to feel that soon it is going to start getting too complicated to find the information I need. It already takes me a while to find my monthly trackers....

I have been thinking that maybe a planner would be better for me - to have all the dated information in one section, and able to keep lists etc in another section. But I have found planners (in particular Filofax binders) difficult to write in with the binder being too bulky and the writing space to small. Until I discovered the Filofax Clipbook. I haven't yet purchased one as I decided I wanted to give my little notebook a fair run at it... but I keep thinking about it. It seems to lie flat, it's a good A5 size, I can use the principle of the BuJo, with the addition of being able to take out and add sheets of paper easily. I just need to decide whether to go for it or not.

Saturday, January 02, 2016

2016 - the year of the BuJo

Hello dear blog. It's been a while. I'm not going to patronise with apologies and excuses, just say that I am back, and hoping to stay in touch. 

As ever, I am still in the never ending pursuit of organising my house, my work, my life. I have decided that 2016 WILL be the year I do this. 

I have signed up to a little challenge (we all know I love a challenge) the 100 days goals by The Business Bakery ( where we set a goal or two that we can achieve in 100 days. There is a wonderful Facebook group with lots of people all doing the same which is so far proving to be very encouraging. 

In order to keep track of my goals, I have set up a Bullet Journal - my BuJo. So far I love it. And wanted to document what I did for future reference, and in case it does help anyone else out too. So here goes.

I am a bit of a wannabe perfectionist, I really want to be one, but often fall short. So I get annoyed if I make a mistake in my 'good' notebooks. Step 1 of creating my BuJo was to have two notebooks. One for making notes and scribbles, things I just want to get out of my head, and one as my proper journal. Guess which is which.... 

The Angry notebook was one I found in the house, so wasn't purchased especially for this, the message on the front is purely accidental. I am not angry. All the time.

First I printed out a year to show 2016 calendar for the inside cover. This one I got from

Next comes the contents pages. (I will try to rotate the images, but for now getting them in this post is more important. Bear with!) I left 2 pages for indexing. 

To remind me what I'm doing & for a bit of colour, I printed out the 100 Day Goal logo and a little quite from the workbook and stuck it in. 

Then I made a note of what my goals are, in the form of a mini mind map. 

Then I started writing down my 100 actions to take over the next 100 days to reach my goals. As I have 2 goals, I have 2 sets of actions. 

Now it's time for the journal part. The recommended layout on is to create a month to view page, weekly pages then daily journal pages. Here's January's month to view. 

In keeping with monthly views, I then set up a daily habit tracker. To mark off my daily tasks. This is likely to grow as the months go on, but I wanted to make sure I keep to it for now. Baby steps and all that...

As the first was a Friday, and I like to think of Monday as being the first day of the week, I didn't set up a weekly plan yet, I'll do that on Sunday. I'm just straight in to the journal pages. All this entails is writing the date, not even on a new page just below the previous entry, and making some notes on things I need to do, progress made etc. 

So far, so good. And if I can keep this enthusiasm going, I'll be fine! 

If you have a bullet journal and find anything that particularly works for you, please do share! See you again soon. 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Change is good

My original plan for February was to get my walk-in wardrobe organised. This would include sorting through my clothes, jewellery & make up to help my morning routine and laundry putting away go a bit more smoothly. 

However, after a bit of thought this has become a very different project. The main gist is still to get my clothes etc sorted, BUT while on my mission to give everything a home and make stuff easy to put away, I discovered that a part of it is also not having a space that piles of clothes can be easily left. In my case - the wardrobe floor! Another side of is is in trying to keep my living room tidy the main 'sticking point' is Evie's toys being all the place. I don't really mind, but she has to get everything out and nothing really has it's own home and I think for my own sanity moving forward I need to get this sorted. So what I've decided is that I will exchange my large walk-in wardrobe for a smaller (hopefully more organised) wardrobe in our bedroom and will make Evie an absolutely wonderful playroom where she can make as much mess as she wants without mummy and daddy getting too concerned about it. I feel that this means I have officially grown up.

So February has been a bit if a wash out so far organising wise, but I've done a lot of planning. Sadly not a huge amount of blogging, mainly as I haven't had anything to really say.

I have been getting on with some odd bits her and there and have got a lots of projects lined up. I do also have a few more interesting blog posts in mind too. But I am saving them until I have time to write them properly and take some nice photos to really do the justice and start pushing this blog. 

My living room at the moment is black and grey. We did have some green accents, but they were all moved out to make way for Christmas decorations and haven't made their way back in yet. I have now decided I want to bring in yellow to add some colour ready for spring. Though, as my luck would have it, I appear to be ahead of the colour trends - at least that's what I am telling myself - and cannot find yellow accessories anywhere! Not to worry though, I will be doing some making so I'll have some lovely original accessories. 

Now I'm off to build sme wardrobes....

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Losing my way

I've done it again! Got all sucked in by life and distracted away from my organising. Once again I feel that not a single space in the house is right. The kitchen is as close as it can be until I get a chance to decorate. But everywhere the just a mess. Or has someing that needs doing before I'll be happy with it. 

Because of this I have gotten a bit lapse at getting on. So this morning I decided to try to grab a bit of control again and got stuck back in to my morning routine. I wasn't up at quite the time I had hoped, but I did all of the cleaning tasks on it and felt better for it.

I haven't blogged for a while because I just haven't had the time, or inclination if I am perfectly honest! But here I am. I've managed to sneak 10 minutes while Evie has a late afternoon nap (yes, I will pay for this later!) 

My new plan is to print out my daily cleaning tasks, and put them somewhere I will see them. This might be a few places, until it becomes routine. Doing the laundry every day had become routine, so I know it CAN happen, I just need to be a bit more focused. The evenings are getting lighter & will, hopefully, be warming up soon which tends to bring a bit of positivity with it. Until that happens I need to do it myself. 

Once I have mastered the daily tasks, I will do a weekly list, then monthly and so on. This should build into my cleaning schedule. 

Right - I'm off to do it. And maybe tidy my bedroom so at least one space is tidy!!!!

Monday, February 03, 2014

An organised kitchen update

Well folks, I did it! Nearly.


It's not perfect but it's definitely an improvement. It's better. I did most of what I set out to do and have a list of what I want to finish. I haven't done my cleaning schedule yet, but I will.


I know that I get a bit....disheartened, shall we say....reading blogs posts about people who get everything done, who seem to have their life perfectly organised. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy reading them and I get so inspired, but sometimes I just want to know that somewhere out there is someone in the same place as me. Hopefully this post goes to show someone else that I'm 'there' too.


On the more positive, here is my newly organised kitchen and some of my favourite bits.

Not totally happy with the shelves in the top left hand corner of the picture above, but it's a start.
Lovely clear workspaces.
That space at the end of the island could definitely be used for something! I have some command hooks I want to paint and use for tea towels & oven gloves. Maybe kitchen roll holder? Utensils? Will have to wait until Evie is a bit older though....
This is my beautiful bread bin. It was a birthday present a few years ago.
And this is my egg bowl (although it currently contains clothes pegs as we have another egg container.
This is Evie's toy kitchen. Great to have play space in the kitchen so she feels involved when we're cooking.
My plate organising has made a much bigger difference than I had imagined!

Likewise, this cupboard was a nightmare! Everything was stacked on top of each other & the Tupperware pots were taking over.

My 'command centre' is still a work in progress and will eventually include our cleaning schedule & tasks. But for now it's amazing the difference a meal planner, calendar and 'at a glance' weekly guide has made.


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Nearly there....

I am delighted to announce that my kitchen cupboards have all been de-cluttered and re-organised. I am not totally happy with some aspects, but until I can think of a better solution I am going to stick with it.

My main sticking point is the cutlery drawer and utensils storage. I am waiting for a magnetic knife rack to go up on the wall, which will clear some space and I can then work with what I have left to organise.

There are a couple of spots that need a bit of finishing off - on top of the fridge needs clearing, I want a shelf put up above the tumble dryer, my metal shelves need to be better organised, and I want to give the kitchen a good clean before I am finished in there for January....but I am pleased with my progress and it is definitely so much better than it was!

I haven't yet sorted out a cleaning schedule, but will soon. I am giving myself this weekend to get the kitchen project complete.

I already have my project lined up for February....but more on that soon.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

How my life will be...

I read a blog post a little while back where the blogger had said that she had done it. She had successfully organised her life, that everything was in the right place, she had menu plans in place, spent quality time with her family & friends, mornings went smoothly.... And then ended with 'And then I woke up...'


I will look for the post to add it here, but I wanted to write one of my own. A post to remind me why I am on my pursuit.


EDIT: here is the post!


Here goes....


I wake up in the morning, before everyone else and head downstairs for a coffee & to check my Filofax. While the kettle is boiling I fold the dried clothes, move washed clothes to dryer and put a load of washing on. I empty the dishwasher, then sit down with my coffee to check my emails & plan the day. The kitchen is tidy, as we out everything away last night.


My breakfast is planned, all of our lunches are pretty much ready to go - usually a 'bento' lunch that Evie (and I) enjoy. I eat breakfast - with a glass of water - then head upstairs to get ready. I wash my face, cleanse, tone, moisturise, brush my teeth. Get dressed, I have a few outfits planned so I have a choice, including accessories. Likewise Evie's clothes are ready to grab. My wardrobe is tidy, so I can see what I have, and can easily put away the clothes I pulled out of the dryer this morning. I make the beds, open the curtains, do my hair and put on make up. I update my Filofax as I go.

I spend some time with Evie, having breakfast and chasing her round the house to get her dressed!

I go to work, where I am inspired and excited to try new recipes and cake designs. We have some events coming up, so lots to work on, but feeling organised and in control.

I get home from work at the same time as hubby & Evie. Matthew is in charge of dinner, so me and Evie have a bit of playtime - I leave my phone, iPad & computer alone until she goes to bed! We have dinner together at the table, not every night, but when we can. Then we watch a bit of TV together, get Evie in her PJs, read a story and she goes to bed. The kitchen is cleaned ready for the morning, and I do any cleaning that needs doing and prep for the next day.

This is when I can get on with a bit of work, possibly have a glass of wine, or spend time with hubby. Finally, I make sure to have half hour of downtime, reading or knitting or TV before bed. I make sure to leave my Filofax ready for a quick glance the following day. I go upstairs brush my teeth, remove make up, cleanse, tone, moisturise & go to sleep.

I have a flexible weekly cleaning schedule, and a monthly one, that I can pick up and dive into when I have cleaning time. I put everything away when I am finished with it, which is easy, because everything has it's own home and is accessible. All surfaces are clear, except for additions which are pretty or meaningful. Everyone does their own thing - Math has darts and rugby, I have wine club. We have friends for dinner regularly and date nights every now and then - not scheduled in, but we make an effort to arrange one evey now and then. We plan

When I do 'fall off the wagon' and something slips, I don't panic, or give up, but get straight back onto it. I keep my monthly projects, because it's nice to have something to focus on.

I have a list of activities for me and Evie to do on our time off together. We have a joint craft room and study, that we can all use for work, art or some alone time.


Sounds pretty good. I feel more organised just having written it. Let's check back in 11 months and see how I've got on.